Dr Anna Bishop-Bailey

Senior Consultant

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Anna has over ten years’ healthcare experience, including designing, project managing and reporting on research studies, service evaluations and audits. She is experienced in applying real-world evidence (RWE) to health care evaluation and is passionate about improving services to drive better health and social outcomes for all. She has also authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Originally from the UK, Anna completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics and then worked as a clinical research associate at a global contract research organisation for several years. She then moved to a multinational biotechnology company, which saw her take primary responsibility for managing four global patient registries in the UK.

Anna subsequently moved to a UK consultancy specialising in the generation and collection of bespoke real-world data. In this role, she collaborated with leading global pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and academic bodies.  She was responsible for technical input into project design and management, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Anna is a skilled healthcare evaluator, drawing on her exceptional technical and communication skills