George Rennie

Senior Statistician

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George Rennie is a highly respected statistical consultant.  He is a member of the Statistical Society of Australia and has contributed to over 50 papers in professional journals.  He has extensive experience in the design and analysis of complex sampling and the subsequent weighting of results.

George has considerable experience in the analysis of separations data.  He has provided the statistical components of Casemix Audits in Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

George was responsible for the design and implementation of a system of ‘Performance Indicators for Coding Quality’ (PICQ) of morbidity data for the National Centre of Classification in Health.

George has worked with AHA for over 15 years.  Projects have included matching of approximately 4.5 million hospital episodes with private health insurance records.  This project on behalf of the Commonwealth Government, provided detailed analysis of utilisation of services in terms of insured vs. not-insured and public vs. private patients.

George is one of Australia’s foremost statistical and actuarial consultants, and has been the primary statistical consultant for several Commonwealth Government projects and major statistical reviews.