Shantanu Sheshgir


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Shantanu is an experienced health consultant with expertise in inclusive program planning and evaluation, policy analysis, and health promotion research and practice. He also has a keen interest in health economics and its vital role in shaping effective policy and robust, equitable health systems.

Shantanu brings a range of key technical, management, and communications skills to his role in AHA’s evaluation team.

He has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and management, project management, and writing for diverse audiences. He counts clear, effective communication as one of his greatest strengths.

Shantanu is also an astute analyst, using insights from quantitative and qualitative data for creative problem solving. He is proficient in analytical software packages such as TreeAge, STATA, SPSS and NVivo.

Shantanu joined AHA after completing his Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne in 2016. His research included a systematic review to assess the feasibility and acceptability of point-of-care testing during pregnancy in low and middle income countries. This project explored the use of point-of-care tests (including rapid tests) to address inequities in access to timely healthcare via low-cost, distributed disease screening methods, and looked at their impact on health systems.

Some of Shantanu’s other key achievements include:

  • Review of the prevalence of stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Victoria. This review led to the implementation of a range of initiatives to achieve the Victorian Government’s goal of eliminating such stigma and discrimination by 2030.
  • Evaluation of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) World Bank Flagship Training Program on Health System Strengthening and Health Financing.