Dr Timothy Dyer

Senior Consultant

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Dr Timothy Dyer is a senior consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in health and human services. He brings both clinical knowledge and expertise in systems improvement, data analysis, evaluation and change management.

Tim joined AHA in 2016 and has quickly become an integral part of the team. Some of his key contributions include:

Prior to joining AHA, Tim worked in management, consultant and academic roles for government, private health groups, universities and hospitals. Some of his key achievements include:

  • Delivering policy recommendations to senior government officials in Australia and New Zealand, including developing funding criteria for the purchase of health technologies and service development for individuals with disabilities
  • Delivering systems improvements leading to a 75% reduction in spend for the Victorian Australia Post rehabilitation department
  • Developing new markets leading to a 15% increase in revenues as a business development consultant for New Zealand’s largest private health company
  • Project managing Australia Post relicensing as a self-insurer under the ComCare scheme (estimated by KPMG to save Australia Post $20m per year)
  • Developing an evidence-based practice syllabus for allied health students as a university lecturer
  • Achieving ISO and disability service accreditation for New Zealand’s largest private residential service provider

Tim completed his PhD in Occupational Medicine, which included qualitative, multivariate and systematic review of the factors influencing disability after Traumatic Brain Injury.

He also has an MSc in Health Psychology (Honours), a BSc in Psychology (Distinction), an MBA from Melbourne Business School and certifications in Lean Six Sigma, change management and project management.

Tim's clinical knowledge and expertise in integrated business solutions is complemented by strategic and systems thinking.