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AHA is a high-performance management consultancy built specifically to help Federal and State Governments achieve their health and human services goals. We’re nimble, innovative and have invested significantly in technology solutions. Our hand-picked staff include the top-tier of Australia’s consultants, technicians and support personnel who together bring an unmatched level of expertise to each engagement.

Trust is the building block of government relationships and AHA’s superior resources ensure that complex, time-sensitive government projects are safely delivered on-time and within budget. Now in our 28th year, AHA is currently entrusted with the administration of major long-term government initiatives of national importance. Our work includes policy and program development, evaluation and review, research and analysis, outsourced program administration and a variety of other support and advisory services.

In today’s economic climate, public services must deliver more for less and AHA is rising to the challenge, innovating relentlessly and delivering the great outcomes this country needs. AHA is progressively receiving greater recognition for its innovative methods and is one of the most exciting and vibrant consultancies now active in Australia.

What makes the difference with AHA is the high calibre of the people we employ. They are outstanding high achievers, qualified professionals, who have the technical knowledge, ability and experience. They are pragmatic, always grounded, understand cultural differences and complexities, and are completely committed to the final result of each project. The expertise and experience of our staff, along with the rigorous processes employed, mean that our evaluations and services are an authoritative benchmark of quality.

AHA’s staff are not generalists. They are organised by area of knowledge and expertise which allows them to delve deeper into the specific area in which the client needs support. This ensures that our findings and the solutions we recommend are relevant, robust and realistic and it is from this position that we build true partnerships with our government clients.

Within AHA, each sphere of government activity is managed by a separate dedicated workstream. Each workstream is composed of a high-performance team with specific roles and complementary talents and skills. The bonds between team members allow them to seamlessly and efficiently coordinate their work using cutting-edge systems and procedures developed collaboratively with government departments. There is a clear sense of focus and intense energy within the team; it is committed to a common purpose and consistently produces superior results.

Human capital is the lifeblood of consulting and no amount of good intentions will help a firm without the people to make them work. We’re fortunate to have so many dedicated and seasoned professionals who have a wealth of experience and skills. They, and the confidence they inspire, are why AHA is Australia’s largest and most trusted health and human services consultancy.

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