Rhys Mantell


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Rhys is a consultant within AHA’s Evaluation and Advisory team. He has extensive experience in both healthcare consulting and population health research. Across his academic and professional work, Rhys strives to design, deliver and evaluate health programs that create positive change and improve population-level outcomes. Rhys is passionate about ensuring health interventions are not only technically feasible, but also user-accepted and culturally appropriate for the populations they are intended to support.

Rhys’ qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland and a Master of Public Health from UNSW. He is currently completing his PhD at the School of Population Health, UNSW. His thesis involves designing and developing innovative digital interventions for older people in prison.

During his time at UNSW, Rhys also worked on a number of research and policy projects to support other marginalised communities, including people with drug and alcohol use disorders, people experiencing homelessness and those transitioning out of Australian prisons.

Recent publications authored by Rhys include:

Prior to his work at UNSW and AHA, Rhys worked in Deloitte’s Analytics and Cognitive team where he supported several innovative digital and policy programs across the public sector and healthcare.

Thanks to his background in management consulting and economics, Rhys is ideally placed to help translate health research and policy into tangible and cost-effective solutions.