Alison Jones

PSD Evaluator

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Alison has over 20 years of specialised experience working with schools and families across both the Victorian Department of Education as well as the Catholic Education Office, giving her familiarity with both of their funding programs for students with special needs.

With a background in teaching prior to qualifying as a psychologist, she has fulfilled a number of positions within the education sector related to disability and well-being. As well as filling school-based psychologist roles, she has worked at a regional and state-wide level in management roles associated with the PSD.

Following Alison’s role as Integration Coordinator at a large secondary college, she moved to the Northern Metropolitan Region Assessment Team position undertaking assessments to determine eligibility for the PSD. The role of this team was to assist the Department in making decisions around the standardisation of eligibility for additional resources in schools.

The outsourcing of the assessment service for the PSD was subsequently phased in and Alison was part of this process in its early days. She then filled the role of Senior Disability and Wellbeing Officer for the Northern Metropolitan region for five years where she supported schools and families with applications for additional funding and also more generally dealt with queries and requests from schools, parents and agencies in relation to wellbeing, disability and inclusion issues. She also represented schools within her region in the evaluation of PSD funding applications.

Alison then took up the position as Senior Psychologist and Manager of Assessment Services with Lewis & Lewis Psychological Consultancy Services. Her position at Lewis & Lewis involved managing the state-wide assessment referral service for the PSD including monitoring referral intake from schools and providing advice regarding PSD criteria. She also managed Lewis & Lewis Private Assessment Services, including a contract with the Catholic Education Office Sandhurst Diocese, to determine the eligibility of applications to the Literacy, Numeracy and Specific Learning Needs program.

Alison commenced has worked with AHA as a PSD evaluator for several years.

Her qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Education (Adolescent and Child)
  • Graduate Diploma Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Registered Psychologist with Psychology Board of Australia (PBA).