Brad Andrews

CSO Program Manager

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Brad is an accomplished IT professional who specialises in database development and statistical analysis. He plays a key role in ensuring the ongoing functionality, security and development of AHA’s technical systems and processes.

Since joining AHA in 2003, Brad has provided technical support for many of AHA’s projects, creating and managing databases and systems to produce timely informative statistical reports and analysis. Key projects include:

  • Community Service Obligation (CSO) Funding Pool Administration Agency. Brad has been a key member of AHA’s CSO Administration Agency team since 2006 and has detailed knowledge of all aspects of the CSO and its broader policy context. In addition to data management and analysis, Brad is currently responsible for co-ordinating and managing all day-to-day operations of the Agency, including stakeholder liaison, compliance management, and on-site audits of CSO distributors’ warehouses across Australia.
  • Price Disclosure Data Administrator. Brad is responsible for managing and analysing the high volume of sensitive data submitted via AHA’s proprietary secure submission utility.
  • National Suicide Prevention Program (NSPP) evaluation and ongoing data collection. Brad developed a secure web-based data collection facility for service providers to submit monthly data on their suicide prevention activities.
Brad builds systems to produce timely, accurate and informative statistical reports and analysis.