Jackie Wykes

Senior Editor

staff image

Jackie has more than 20 years’ experience in technical writing, editing, and desktop publishing.

As AHA’s senior editor, Jackie ensures that we deliver high-quality, reader-friendly, and accessible reports. She has advanced skills in written communication and document design.

Highly capable of working to tight timelines, her broad editing skillset includes structural editing, plain language editing, copyediting, and sensitivity editing.

Jackie has also completed Vision Australia training in document accessibility and ensures AHA’s reports comply with WCAG 2.0 and other guidelines.

Prior to joining AHA, Jackie worked across a range of sectors, including academia, disability services, organic foods, and defense.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and has undertaken postgraduate research looking at the unintended impacts of public health policy on the lived experience of people of size and other marginalised groups.

With her passion for clear, effective, communication, Jackie has been driving improvements in AHA’s reports and other documents since she joined the team in 2013.