James Danek

PBS Price Disclosure Program Manager

staff image

Since joining AHA in 2014 as a data analyst, James has progressed to be the Program Manager for the PBS Price Disclosure Data program.

Initially James was involved in a range of major AHA programs, including National Information Gathering for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD), the Chemotherapy Compounding Payment Scheme (CCPS) and the Community Service Obligation (CSO) Funding Pool Administration Agency.

As the Price Disclosure program expanded, so did James’ role.  Roles included data collection and price processing cycles, liaison with manufacturers, validation and calculation of disclosed pricing data, related sub-analyses, reporting to the Department, and ensuring program compliance with policy and legislature.  This extensive knowledge and skills relating to all aspects of Price Disclosure make him uniquely suited to his current role leading the Price Disclosure program.

Utilising his strong comprehensive skills, James is able to quickly master a wide range of tasks with enthusiasm and intuition.