Jess Armstrong


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Jess has a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and has worked as a pharmacist in community pharmacies for nine years dispensing and counselling patients on medication and assisting with in-store health programs in Queensland and Victoria.

She has a Graduate Diploma in Education, majoring in senior year chemistry. Jess has worked in both private and public school systems, specialising in high school math and science and teaching students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Jess initial role at AHA was as a Project Support Officer for the Program for Students with a Disability (PSD), administered by AHA.  She gained a detailed understanding of the role PSD funding plays in schools, utilising her experience teaching students with disabilities and learning difficulties.  Jess subsequently joined AHA’s pharmacy team, working across AHA’s many pharmaceutical projects.  Her current role is program lead and content expert for AHA work as the Pharmacy Programs Administrator.

Jess's qualification and skills encompass both pharmaceuticals and education.