AHA provides evidence-based insights and advice on health programs and policy

Evaluation and advisory

AHA evaluates healthcare programs, providing expert insight and advice about their appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency. Our large team of skilled program evaluators systematically collects, analyses and interprets information about health programs and initiatives. The results are practical, evidence-based findings and recommendations to inform policy and decision-making.

In today’s economic climate, public services must deliver more for less and AHA is rising to the challenge, innovating relentlessly and delivering the great outcomes this country needs. We are recognised for our innovative methods, and are one of the most exciting and vibrant consultancies now active in Australia.

The expertise of our staff, along with the rigorous processes we employ, mean that our evaluations are an authoritative benchmark of quality.

AHA’s staff are not generalists; they have deep knowledge and experience that ensures the solutions we recommend are relevant, robust and realistic. It is from this position that we build true partnerships with our clients.

What makes the difference with AHA is the high calibre of the people we employ. They are outstanding high achievers, qualified professionals who have the technical knowledge, ability and experience to manage complexity and deliver real results. They are pragmatic, always grounded, understand cultural differences and complexities, and completely committed to the final outcome of each project.

Our capability is demonstrated by the many projects we have successfully conducted across a wide range of settings – from small remote services to state-specific initiatives and major national programs.

We consult with diverse stakeholders, including people from vulnerable consumer groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and rural and remote communities. Evaluations often involve sensitive topics and working with potentially vulnerable people – for example in mental health, organ donation and the psychosocial response to bushfires. We use culturally appropriate approaches and are committed to dealing sensitively and ethically with vulnerable individuals.

Our approach to each project is informed by current evaluation theory and best practice. We favour a mixed-methods approach to allow triangulation of information from quantitative and qualitative sources, while minimising the impost on stakeholders.

AHA has a reputation for producing reports that are insightful and comprehensive, but also concise. We continually refine the ways we present information to ensure it is meaningful and accessible.

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Excellence. It's in our DNA.
Overview of services

Overview of services

AHA is nimble and innovative and has invested significantly in technology solutions. Our hand-picked staff include the top-tier of Australia’s consultants, technicians and support personnel, who together bring an unmatched level of expertise to each engagement.

Within AHA, each sphere of activity is managed by a separate dedicated workstream. Each workstream is composed of a high-performance team with specific roles and complementary talents and skills. Our workstreams are described under two headings: Evaluation and advisory | Program administration. Our projects encompass most aspects of health and human services, broadly grouped as:

Aboriginal Health, Aged Care, Blood & Organ Donation, Chronic Illness, Community Care, Diagnostic Services, Disability Services, Education & Childhood Development, Hospitals & Acute Care, Mental Health, Pharmaceuticals, Primary Care, Public & Preventative Health, Rural Health, Social Services, Veteran Health.

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Evaluation and advisory

Evaluation and advisory

AHA is skilled in assessing the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of programs and initiatives; collecting and analysing data to inform decision-making; and providing practical, evidence-based findings and recommendations.

AHA’s evaluation and advisory workstream produces reports that are clear, concise and actionable. We don’t just acquire data, we interpret it. Our work is meticulously researched and our independent status allows us to deliver a rigorous analysis of the evidence and draw robust conclusions.

We apply these skills in projects across settings ranging from small community-based organisations to state-specific initiatives and large national programs.

Many of our evaluations involve sensitive topics and working with potentially vulnerable people. We’re skilled in the use of culturally appropriate approaches and committed to dealing sensitively and ethically with vulnerable individuals.

Our approach is informed by current evaluation theory and best practice, and is designed to suit the requirements of each project. We favour a mixed-methods approach to allow triangulation of information from quantitative and qualitative sources, while seeking to minimise the impost on stakeholders.

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Program administration

Program administration

AHA delivers efficient and effective administrative services that support our clients to deliver important programs.

We draw on our established infrastructure and specialist systems, in combination with our sector knowledge and experience, to deliver customer-focused program administration services.

Our approach is flexible and responsive, working with clients to develop and improve processes and to adapt swiftly to constantly changing policy, program and external environments. Our goal is that our program administration services meet the highest possible standards in terms of professionalism, accountability and reporting. Our robust quality systems mean that we consistently deliver to these standards.

We understand the importance of a strong customer service approach and treat all the individuals and organisations that we serve on behalf of our clients as important and valued customers.

Our administration services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the programs we administer, including:

  • Receiving and processing applications
  • Evaluating applications, including review by specialist staff
  • Making funding determinations or recommendations
  • Payment administration and acquittal
  • Providing help desk support services
  • Developing databases and/or application processing systems
  • Survey distribution, receipt and follow-up
  • Contract management
  • Audit and compliance activities
  • Mail fulfilment services
  • Data analysis
  • Program reporting.

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