Chay Boss-Walker


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Chay is an experienced project manager with an extensive operational, financial and data analysis background and more than 15 years’ experience in management and health sector consulting.

Chay currently oversees AHA’s program administration work, managing important projects on behalf of government. Some of his key projects include:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    Chay has overseen a number of projects to support the roll-out of the NDIS across Australia, including rapid recruitment of around 90 disability support professionals to engage with participants to develop or assist in developing their first NDIS Plan.
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Price Disclosure
    Chay has been responsible for managing the Department’s flagship PBS Price Disclosure program since its inception.  Under this program, Chay and his team have successfully managed a process which has achieved a cumulative $4 billion in savings for the Department.
  • Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD)Chay oversees a team of 15 psychologists, speech pathologists and administration support officers to deliver this program for the Victorian Government. He managed the transition of this contract from the previous provider, and has modernised and streamlined the processes by introducing innovations such as paperless processing and remote online access for Department staff.
  • Indigenous Quality Improvement Grants Program (EQHS)
    Chay worked with the Department to roll out and administer a grant program to enable improvements in the quality and standard of medical care provided by Aboriginal health services. Chay was responsible for designing program rules and processes to ensure grant applications were assessed consistently.

Chay has also led several reviews and studies for government and managed short-term engagements, including the development of a new funding system for HACC services in NSW and a review of Medicare reimbursement arrangements for after-hours GP services.

Prior to joining AHA as an Associate Director, Chay spent a number of years working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, where he consulted for health clients and NHS organisations, including Acute Trusts and Primary Care Trusts as well as the Department of Health and the NHS centrally. This included work to turn around financially unsustainable hospitals, and forensic work to establish processes to detect potential fraud in the NHS.

Chay brings a focus on effective and efficient systems to his role as an AHA Director.